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What is Life Coaching?
Life coaching is a process of partnering with you to reach your goals. Through asking powerful questions, I will help you explore and learn how to manuever the current season you are in. By making one change at a time I will help you produce lasting effects in your life.
How long does it take to benefit from Life Coaching?

Within three sessions my clients generally start to feel some relief and, usually, within eight session many goals are met.

The length of this process depends on how much work there is to do and weather you are actively engaged in practicing the tools I give you.

Some mindsets, unhealthy patterns, and triggers take time to unravel but you are worth the time it takes.

Do you do in-person or online coaching?

Both, technically. The majority of my clients meet with me over various virtual meeting platforms (Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, etc.) but in some instances I meet in person with clients.

If you are local in the Boise-Meridian-Nampa area, let’s get in touch and discuss the best setup for you1

Where is your practice located?

Fortify Coaching is based in Nampa, Idaho just outside of Boise. 

Is your coaching faith-based?

 While I would not call myself or my practice religious in nature, I do identify as a Christian. That is, someone who follows Jesus, the only begotten Son of God (John 3:16). So I guess you could say that all things that I do are faith-based.

However, I do not expect or require that my clients be Christians. I believe that we can work together using an array of powerful resources and coaching tools made by gifted people of many backgrounds. 

If you also share faith and a walk with Jesus, we’ll likely pray together at times. And in any case, I will be praying for your success in your goals!


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