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It’s time to create sustainable rhythms that keep you rested.

I’m sure you’ve tried all sorts of things, but just keep feeling stuck, and you wonder:

“Will I ever get out of this?”

“Will I ever have enough time?”

“Will I ever get to the things that I really want to do?”

Life coaching for busy, tired moms battling burnout. How to get out of burnout?
Don't resign to an overly busy life, it doesn't have to be this way. Get a life coach!

You may be concluding that perhaps you should just accept that this is how life is. After all, a lot of people are really busy and feel like this, right?

Don't worry, you don't have to push through and wait for things to change or make huge life changes to get what you need.

Making small changes that have big impact is the key to getting out of the cycle.

Together, by making small changes we can:

Discover and shift self-limiting beliefs

Become aware of beliefs that keep you uncared for and stuck in the cycle of chaos.
Krystal Burke life coach consultant, helping you uncover your personality, true self and identity.

Uncover your personality and true Self

Recognize who God created you to be and learn to work with your personality rather than against.

Help you grow compassion
for your self

Giving up negative self talk and replacing it with encouragement and grace that strengthens you from the inside out.

Equip you to process emotions

Learn to process big emotions that you have been avoiding that are stealing your energy and lowering your capacity.

Learn what we can do together.

What to expect with my coaching and consulting


An Initial
Chemistry Call

Chemistry call to see if you feel we are a good fit for life coaching.

We’ll get to know each other over this casual 30 minute consult.

Together we will decide if you, Fortify Coaching and I are a good fit. We will also discuss what you can expect, scheduling of your sessions, and chat about any questions you may have.


Discovering Foundations Session

What's the first real session of life coaching with Krystal Burke like?

During the first session, I’ll ask explorative questions about your struggles and goals.

We will create a plan of action tailored to your unique needs and decide on the first of many small changes that will help you move forward immediately on your goals.


Coaching Sessions

Ongoing coaching calls with Krystal at Fortify Coaching

Throughout the ongoing sessions we will continue to explore goals & struggles.

For instance, incorporating rest, creating sustainable rhythms, and letting go of limiting beliefs. We’ll tend to struggles of calming triggers, replacing negative self talk with self compassion, and discovering more about your true self.

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