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Burnout sucks.
Together, let’s
send it packing.

Fortify Coaching is a service by Life Coach Krystal Burke in the Boise and Nampa, Idaho area.
What is Fortify Coaching all about?

My coaching is about helping you stop cycles of burnout in order for you to enjoy life and realize your greatest potential.

While “burnout coach” isn’t exactly a glamorous title, it’s admittedly a somewhat accurate title.

Through education, training, my own personal experiences and through client work, I have carved a coaching niche in the recognition and intervention of burnout in every day people like you and me. Once a person makes practical adjustments to the cycles in their life, they can experience a rhythm of rest and productivity, freeing them to enjoy the peace and joy that comes with winning over burnout.

So I guess you could also call me a “rest coach“. But for some reason, that just didn’t have quite the ring to it.

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